Annual Report 2014

New Product Development 2014

Developing new products that meet the tastes of a changing world is a key part of IDB’s growth strategy and at the very core of how IDB is growing its business. We invest in New Product Development (NPD) to ensure that, in the many diverse markets in which we operate, we are exceeding the expectations of our customers. The alchemy of NPD is to take raw ideas and use collective expertise to transform them into viable commercial realities. 2014 was a year which saw some large scale NPD projects reach fruition and be successfully launched in international markets.

A range of Kerrygold UHT milk was launched into the Chinese market in 2014, under the brand name, 金凯利, pronounced ‘Jin Kai Li’. The Chinese liquid milk market is estimated to be worth €18 billion with an annual growth rate of over 10%. Over 11 billion litres of liquid milk are consumed in China each year, compared with just 670 million litres in Ireland. It is estimated that this market segment includes over 186 million households in China.

In 2014, Kerrygold Kildery cheese was launched in the German market. Global cheese consumption is increasing and in Europe, Germany is a key cheese market. Kerrygold Kildery cheese is a maasdam style cheese with large round eyes. What differentiates Kerrygold Kildery is its sweet and nutty flavour. It won the Gold medal in the Global Cheese Awards 2014.

Other important cheese launches included the introduction of Kerrygold Light Cheese and Kerrygold Extra Mature. Kerrygold Light Cheese is a great tasting cheese with only half the fat of the original Kerrygold. This product was launched to capitalise on the growing trend of consumers wanting reduced fat products. It was launched across a range of international markets as a 200g prepack block.

Kerrygold Extra Mature Cheddar was developed with care and graded to become a truly remarkable flavoursome cheese with savoury and sweet notes.

The launch of this cheese capitalises on an increasing global familiarity with, and demand for, cheddar.

One of the year’s most exciting launches was into a completely new category with Kerrygold Irish Cream Liqueur – the new gold standard in Irish cream liqueurs. Launched in the US in September 2014, Kerrygold Irish Cream Liqueur is the finest blend of natural Irish cream, aged Irish whiskey and luxurious chocolate. In 2015 further distribution is planned for the US as well as launches into other markets.

In 2014 the DTI division began supplying skimmed milk yoghurt powder for a key customer in the diet and nutritional sector. This popular natural dieting powder is used for improving metabolism and is for export to the US market.

IDB Deutschland teamed up with German pastry manufacturer Kuchenmeister to launch Kerrygold Butter Milk-Rolls. Made with 10% Kerrygold butter, they are a simple, delicious way to start a day or enjoy a snack between meals.

Some 2014 Innovation Highlights

Kildery Gold in the ‘Cheese for Export in Commercial Packaging’ category Global Cheese Awards
Butterkase Silver in the ‘Cheese for Export in Commercial Packaging’ category Global Cheese Awards
The Cheese Warehouse ‘Best UK Grated Cheese’ Global Cheese Awards
The Cheese Warehouse Gold in the ‘High-Protein Cheese’ Global Cheese Awards
Kerrygold Vintage Cheese ‘Best Product 2014’ Product Expo International Exhibition Russia
Kerrygold Salted Butter ‘Best Product 2014’ Product Expo International Exhibition Russia
Pilgrims Choice Extra Mature Gold in the ‘Extra Mature Cheddar’ category Nantwich Cheese Awards
Pilgrims Choice Mild Silver in the ‘Irish Cheddar’ category Nantwich Cheese Awards

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